Modern Retro Living Room Ideas for 2021

If you have been looking to upgrade your living room, you need to know about Modern Retro Living Room ideas that will come in handy. Retro is a way of life, and incorporating interior designs of the 60s and 70s would be a great idea. Most people fail in retro decorations by going overboard. This article will guide you on the perfect ideas you can use to get the best out of your living room.

Why Should You Choose Modern Retro Living Room ideas?

Retro is chic and fashionable and will allow you to accessorize with the old sofa in your grandmother’s basement. Picking a simple style will make a big difference to your living room ambiance by having:

Colorful Living Room

You can make your living room a sight to behold by mixing bright colors in your living room. You have a wide array of colors to choose from. You can take blue, yellow red as your choice colors. Painting your walls blue may seem absurd, but if you throw in a yellow sofa, a blue resting seat, and a red and yellow rug, you are good to go.

Modern Living Room Retro Mix

The modern living room has a décor style you can relate to. However, should you throw retro items in the mix, it becomes even better. You can do this by adding different color shades to your items.


It would help if you kept it simple to develop a perfect mix of retro and modern to give your living room unrivaled class and sophistication. It’s all about keeping it 70s for the perfect blend.

Some of the Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow This Year

Of course, you’ve been inside a well-decorated hotel lobby before. There must be an element that really caught your eye at the time. there was definitely something that created the wow factor in you. well, just so you know, whatever you saw that was stunning to your eye was the work of a creative and well-organized internal designer. You might want your house to look the same, but you are not so sure of where to begin. Fortunately for you, there are many interior design blog posts that professional interior designers have created to get you started. Below are some of which you would want to consider visiting.

Amber Interiors

When it comes to the creation of interior designs, Amber’s got the eye. She a southern California designer that has been in the industry for many years. She understands that changes in seasons come with changes in trends. Her blog posts are the best because she incorporates the latest trends that will help you get started on your project.


While she is an executive during the day, Coco is an interior design blogger during the night. She has been in the industry for many years, after beginning her designing career in 2008. Her design blogs have gathered fame and many fans over the years, prompting the opening of her own Cococozy textiles. Her blogs feature some of the best pillows and cozy beddings.

Apartment Therapy

For those who are searching for a DIY home décor project, visiting Apartment Therapy can be very beneficial. Here, you are filled with almost everything that you may want to know about home décor. Some of the topics covered by Apartment therapy include house tours and wellness, just to mention a few. As a visitor, it is easy for you to get lost in the home tour section.

Studio McGee

Here, you are able to find professionals who have a distinct eye for fashion and beautiful interior designs. Syd and Shea are the owners of the empire. In fact, this is the best place to be especially after domino named their blog the best interior design blog. Since they have different tastes that appeal to users, the duo has become widely recognizable all over the United States.


Let’s face it, a house looks better if new furniture is installed. At Tylko, you are provided with sophisticated furniture meant to improve the appearance of your indoor space. With Tylko, you get furniture made from European birch trees which are strong and durable. By visiting the interior design blog post, you are promised to find anything that you are looking for:

Hunted Interior

Kristen Jackson is the founder of Hunted Interior. He began his blogs in 2011, with the main goal of inspiring readers who were hunting for a new style. Just like the rest, Kristen has an eye for the best interior designs, and she is always generous enough to share all the necessary details with her loyal readers.

How to Incorporate Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design has gained popularity over the years and there are a few features that you can incorporate in your interiors to achieve this style. Below we have put a few tips that you can consider.


Wood is such a prominent item in Scandinavian design which can be used on walls, floors, some home accessories and even toys. However, you need to put in mind that not just any wood is used in this type of interior design. Light woods like pine, beech and ash are a prominent feature in the Scandinavian design.

No clutter

In the earlier years, Scandinavian homes were known to be smaller and they did not have a lot of space to hold excessive amounts of items. Now bigger houses are being built with larger spaces to hold more things but the old tradition of keeping the house clutter free has remained a very important tradition in the Scandinavian design.

Make use of natural light

Scandinavian countries experience darkness and gloomy weather in the better part of the year and taking advantage of the natural light is an integral part of the Scandinavian interior design. You can maximize this by having larger windows that let in more light or by using sheers or translucent curtains to allow as much light as possible to get into your house. For more inspiration head over to

Go for light and muted colors

The bright and neutral colors embraced in the Scandinavian interior design is basically due to the darkness experienced in most parts of the year. Keeping the spaces bright is very important. Use bright colors like white or grey to keep your room looking cohesive and bright.

Don’t shy away from patterns

Just because the Scandinavian design is simple it does not mean that they don’t use patterns. Bold and geometric designs are a common feature in the Scandinavian design and they are commonly used in unexpected places like the floor. However, you need to keep in mind that these patterns are not particularly colorful; they are mostly black or grey with contrasts of white.

More tips to consider

  • You can use your storage as décor
  • Use artistic lighting to nail the Scandinavian design
  • Go for a Neutral and bold Scandinavian dining room
  • Instead of wall to wall carpets use sheepskin or rugs
  • Go for minimalist furniture
  • Add warm textiles